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C-DOT, Telecom and the Bottom of the Pyramid

Recently, C-DOT celebrated the Silver Jubilee of its founding. The alumni had many events and among other things launched an India Think Tank. C-DOT had a checkered history. Please see my earlier post on C-DOT for background. But, in C-DOT and Telecom there are some very interesting lessons for India. C-DOT was synonymous with the [...]


The Singapore Syndrome

Last week, I was hit again by the Singapore syndrome. Let me explain….I returned home after a short visit out and after a brief stay in Singapore on the way back. Every time I cross Singapore, its quiet efficiency never fails to amaze you. And after that, when you enter India – especially through Bangalore [...]


Why it is time for Indian Product companies?

Please consider the table below. Infosys, the bellwether Indian tech company’s numbers always look great compared to any other tech company in India. But, Company X, another well known Asian Tech company seems to beat Infosys is many key parameters (Ref: FI ’05 Annual Reports). There in lies a story. Infosys Company X Revenue (FI [...]


The winning attitude – Enterpreneur’s essential

I met my good friend Ramamoorthy after more than two decades. We went to engineering school together. He soon sent me an interesting message on being a winner. I thought it was so apt for an entrepreneur – to whom this blog is really dedicated. An entrepreneur needs a strong attitude to win and the [...]


Entrepreneurial values – Nice people can finish first!

Recently, I was involved in a discussion with a friend on entrepreneurial ethics and values. With both my children already having become entrepreneurs, this is something I keep debating with myself – on how to articulate this best. Here are some of my beliefs and thoughts. Intellectual honesty: It is the first thing one expects [...]


India Vs China – the contrasting giants, as the economic power swings back to Asia

For the last few decades, I was always focused on the United States. Running an Indian IT company, life was almost US centric. Business in technology space can never afford to ignore the US. Most clients were in the US. Most funding came from the US. The technology business culture came from the US. And [...]


Primary education in India – Applying entrepreneurship

Every one is gung-ho about the Indian economy. In the quarter ending Sept ‘06, the GDP grew by 9.1%. India is part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies, considered the most promising ones for the next 50 years. Asia, it is increasingly believed, is running on two engines – China and India; and [...]


C-DOT – How to set crazy goals, reach them and get fired?

CDOT – the early days: How to set crazy goals, work hard, get great things done and get fired for it? This is about the years I spent in CDOT – the best years of my life. This posting is a bit longish. But I tried my best to keep it short — just couldn’t. [...]


Why being an Entrepreneur can be the best thing today in India?

Entrepreneurs are beginning to make an impact on India today. I like the way Guy Kawasaki put it “The entrepreneur’s role is to make the world a better place and reap some economic rewards for doing so.” True entrepreneurs are evangelists and revolutionaries in a way. So many of them are told they are crazy, [...]