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Why it is time for Indian Product companies?

Please consider the table below. Infosys, the bellwether Indian tech company’s numbers always look great compared to any other tech company in India. But, Company X, another well known Asian Tech company seems to beat Infosys is many key parameters (Ref: FI ’05 Annual Reports). There in lies a story. Infosys Company X Revenue (FI [...]


The winning attitude – Enterpreneur’s essential

I met my good friend Ramamoorthy after more than two decades. We went to engineering school together. He soon sent me an interesting message on being a winner. I thought it was so apt for an entrepreneur – to whom this blog is really dedicated. An entrepreneur needs a strong attitude to win and the [...]


Entrepreneurial values – Nice people can finish first!

Recently, I was involved in a discussion with a friend on entrepreneurial ethics and values. With both my children already having become entrepreneurs, this is something I keep debating with myself – on how to articulate this best. Here are some of my beliefs and thoughts. Intellectual honesty: It is the first thing one expects [...]