The Logo


The Billionways logo draws inspiration from two legendary birds.

The first is the mythical Jonathan Livingston Seagull, from the best selling fable created by Richard Bach. Jonathan Seagull is possessed of an indomitable spirit to go after the ultimate knowledge of speed and eventually succeeds in breaking all barriers. Jonathan proves that once you believe in excellence, the ultimate freedom is to be free from the pressure to obey the rules, though they are commonly accepted. When Jonathan realizes the true knowledge, instead of going to a higher plane of existence on offer, he chooses to come back to the flock to help others. The true success is to realize love and to share that success with all.

The second bird of inspiration is the real life Arctic Tern, famous for its migration across the world. This small 2 lb, 12 inches bird flies from its Arctic breeding grounds to Antarctic almost nonstop covering about 18,000 KMs each way every year. The Arctic Tern sees more sun light every year than any other living being on the planet.

Jonathan Seagull and the Arctic Tern both symbolize a great spirit of adventure, perseverance and not giving up till the goal is reached. Can there be anything more inspiring for an entrepreneur?